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NextAce introduced automated title search and examination across five counties in Southern California with Title EDGE in 2004. The fundamental abilities of this innovative approach to creating a preliminary title report or commitment challenged industry standard processes and expectations.

With Title EDGE, title companies soon realized:
•   Significantly lowered production costs
•   A dramatic reduction in production time
•   Competitive advantage due to the speed by which the prelim/commitment was delivered

Title EDGE was enhanced in 2006 to automate the resale process with the addition of starter and prior file interpretation. Significant enhancements have since been made to process additional product types.

Title EDGE now covers counties nationwide (see National Coverage) using data as the basis for the examination. For counties where data is not available, Title EDGE can utilize search packages delivered from an abstractor. The delivered title product is consistent regardless of the data or abstractor source. And, because of this consistency, the customer delivery, underwriting, training, support, and claims processes are further streamlined.

After processing nearly 2 million orders, our patented Title EDGE automation has been combined with the NextAce Production Center (NPC) and NextAce Connects to deliver the most comprehensive solution available, leveraging prior experience, enforcing consistency and underwriting guidelines, ultimately shortening turn–times, while dramatically reducing the long-term cost of title production.   ► Learn more

Leveraging Prior Data
Unlike all other methods of examination, automation leverages prior experience with the property, document, and person. Title EDGE uses information from millions of prior files, starters, and base files. Over time, that information is combined with current title chains, abstractor search packages, and recently recorded documents. This streamlines the process and ensures that prior experience is utilized correctly and accurately.

Traditionally, prior files were an excellent starting point and allowed examiners to focus on subsequent events and documents. Title EDGE starts with this method and then combines the results with a re-examination of the prior file using current underwriting guidelines to better ensure accuracy of both historical and current information.

Using an automated process allows the underlying selection and extraction rules used by Title EDGE to be updated whenever a change is made to the title product, which improves the quality of the automation with each new order processed by the system. Today, nearly 87% of the fields extracted by Title EDGE do not require changes. In some markets, up to 40% of the orders processed by Title EDGE are delivered to the customer with no additional human interaction.

Ultimately, the Title EDGE automated product receives a final review by an examiner using the NextAce Production Center (NPC). This review ensures the final accuracy of the product while delivering the time and cost advantages available through automation.

In Minutes
Title EDGE delivers an auto-examined title product, including all of the underlying and supporting documents in a matter of minutes.  ► Learn more

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